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Jewish History and Holidays

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By learning Jewish history, you travel through a rich and fascinating journey that spans thousands of years, from ancient Israel to the modern state of Israel. It's a story of resilience, adaptation, and survival, filled with inspiring leaders, such as Moses, wise scholars, such as Maimonides and the Rebbe, and everyday heroes. By exploring Jewish history, you will discover the development of Jewish culture, religion, and traditions, as well as the struggles and triumphs of Jewish communities around the world. You'll encounter legendary figures like King David, King Solomon, Rabbi Akiva, and many others, and witness pivotal events like the Exodus from Egypt, the destruction of the Temples, and the Holocaust. Through stories, texts, and artifacts, you'll gain a deeper understanding of Jewish identity and heritage, and find connections to your own life and community.

Bible and Talmud

Torah Scroll

The study of Torah and the Talmud is a profound exploration of Jewish scripture and tradition. Delving into the biblical text uncovers the roots of Jewish beliefs and practices, while the Talmud offers a rich tapestry of rabbinic debates, commentary, and insights. Through the study of these texts, scholars and students alike can gain a deeper understanding of Jewish law, ethics, and philosophy. They will learn how Jewish thought and tradition evolved, and discover the nuances of interpretation and application. Moreover, the study of Torah and the Talmud encourages critical thinking, creativity, and intellectual curiosity, inviting learners to engage in a centuries-old conversation that continues to shape Jewish identity and inspire spiritual growth.

Hshkafah(Jewish life outlook)
and Charity

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A healthy Jewish life emphasizes balance and harmony in body and spirit. The Torah commands us to care for our bodies, and Jewish teachings encourage mindfulness, self-care, and gratitude. By combining charitable action with a holistic approach to well-being, Jews strive for "Tikkun Olam," that is, repairing the world—one act of kindness and compassion at a time.

Laws and Practices

Jewish Man Praying

Jewish laws and practices, also known as Halakha, form a comprehensive framework for living a meaningful and sacred life. Encompassing rituals, ethics, and moral guidelines, Jewish traditions include mitzvot such as the observance of Shabbat, obeying kashrut (a kosher diet), and engaging in tefillah (daily prayer), as well as lifecycle events such as brit milah (the ceremony for circumcision) and weddings. Jewish practices also involve the study and interpretation of biblical and talmudic texts. These laws and customs are a link to our historical past and to Jews around the world, which fosters a sense of community and continuity. Furthermore, these traditions, whether it be lighting Shabbat candles or reciting blessings over food, inspire daily life with spiritual depth and a sense of covenant with Hashem (G-d). Through Halakha, Jews strive to cultivate a sense of spirituality, respect for tradition, and responsibility to others, enriching their

Reading List

Pre Course
Reading List


Chumash (5 Books of Moses)

English Kitzur Shulchan Aruch

English Hebrew Siddur

General Reading List


Toward a Meaningful Life. Lubavitcher Rebbe, Simon Jacobson, comp. 

Becoming a Jew, Maurice Lamm 

Who is a Jew, Immanuel Schochet 

Book of Our Heritage, Eliyahu Kitov 

Thirteen Principles of Faith, Aryeh Kaplan 

Sabbath: The Day of Eternity, Aryeh Kaplan 

Teffillin, Aryeh Kaplan 

In the Garden of the Torah, Lubavitcher Rebbe 

Moshiah, Immanuel Schochet 

The Days of Moshiach, Brod 

The Complete Artscroll Siddur, Nosson Scherman, editor 

The Chumash, The Stone Edition, Nosson Scherman, editor 

Torah Studies, Lubavitcher Rebbe 

Still Waters Run Deep, (video), Higher Authorities 

Total Immersion, RIvka Slonim 

The Jew and His Home, Eliyahu Kitov 

Kitzur Dinei Taharah, Kehot 

613 Mitzvot, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, (Maimonides, the Rambam) 

The Mystical Dimension, vol. III, Immanuel Schochet 

To Know and to Care, vol. I, Sichos in English 

Kitzur Sulchan Aruch, Eliyahu Touger 

Windows to the Soul, (video), Higher Authorities 

Jewish Literacy, Joseph Telushkin, New York, William Morrow 

Triumh of Survival: The Stories of the Jews in the Medieval Era 750-1650, Berel Wein, Brooklyn, The Shaar Press in conjunction with Mesorah Publications. 

The Thirteen Principles of Faith, Noson Gurary, Aronson Publications. 

Life Complete, Rebetzin Esther Junreis.

Letter of Light: Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin

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