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Welcome to Jewish Conversion Academy

By the Western Wall

Our Approach

At Jewish Conversion Academy, we are committed to providing high-quality online courses and Zoom classes to teach basic Judaism and provide comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Judaism. Our unique and deeply enriching program is not offered by any other similar institutions. Join us in connecting to God.

Why Choose Jewish Conversion Academy

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Our Programs

At Jewish Conversion Academy, we offer a wide range of programs to help you learn about Judaism. Our expert teachers and religious scholars provide personalized attention to each student to ensure a fulfilling learning experience. Join our community now!


Interested in converting to Judaism and integrating into the Jewish community? At Jewish Conversion Academy, we provide support services to assist you throughout your journey. Enroll today and start your path to a deeper connection with God.


Enhance Your Learning

At Jewish Conversion Academy, we are dedicated to providing a unique approach to learning about Judaism. Our courses and programs are designed to help you connect with God and deepen your understanding of Judaism. Join our community now!


We are proud to be able to teach dedicated people to Convert to Judaism. But this is just the beginning of there journey. They will continue to build families and homes in accordance with Torah true Judaism. Sometime these families need HELP. Every dollar donated goes directly to a Jewish convert in need. Please Donate generously.


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  • How long does it take to convert to Orthodox Judaism
    We estimate that it takes between 1 and 2 years to convert to Judaism. But this is completely dependent on a person to person basis. When an individual moves through the program our expert team of rabbis will assist and asses your progress to determine a timeline.
  • Who will this education and conversation be accepted by?
    Whoever completes the program, and our partner Beis Din/Rabbinical teams give them the green light. Will be converted in accordance to Halachic Judaism and that conversion will be excepted by the Rabbinate in Israel ( this is the gold standard for conversations around the Jewish world).
  • Will Jewish Conversion Academy perform the actual conversion?
    JCA do not perform the actual conversion ourselves. We partner with other accredited Beth Dins to perform the conversion ceremony.
  • Will I be converted after I finish this program?
    We are not a Beis Din. If you follow all the requirements for the program. And we determine you are ready, sincere and dedicated to Judaism we will assist you in finding a Beis Din (Jewish court) that can perform the conversion when they see fit.
  • Is this program just for converts?
    No, this course is for Jews and Non-Jews alike. Anyone who wants to have a General grasp of Judaism should take this course.
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